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My Date with the Sexy Librarian

My Date with the Sexy Librarian

I had the fortune of sitting down for an interview with Rose Caraway for her revamped Sexy Librarian Podcast as few days ago. We spent over an hour talking about Shady Palms, Diverse Desires, and a few of the other projects I’ve worked on, am currently working on and plan to work on. I also shared some of my philosophies and techniques for writing. We also chatted about horror movies and horror…

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What is more sexy than a Cenobite?
More haunting than a clown waiting in a sewage drain?
More creepy than ravenous, nuclear-enhanced bed bugs?
The amazing Allen Dusk of course!
Allen stopped by today and we had so much to talk about. We discussed his Splatter-punk…
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Of The Night - Bastille →

Love this dark and gritty video by Bastille

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